Why this blog?

    “Born out of Boredom” was the original name I had thought for this blog.  Interestingly, the domain name was also available for registration (and I believe, it still is) but it would not have justified the real reason behind this blog.   The objective is  to share my thoughts with likeminded people and provide the readers an opportunity to share their ideas.   (Guest posts are always welcome).

    I hope this blog evolves into a public space where kindred spirits get together and share beautiful ideas, thoughts and accounts of their journeys – like a real tavern.

    The idea is to spread the word and see how my from the tribe show up.

    Peace to you.

    Samyak Jaya

    Thank you for stopping by! Now that you are here, make yourself comfortable in the Tavern. Put down your baggage for a while and take a break before carrying on with your journey. To keep visiting, Bookmark us by pressing Ctrl + D unless you prefer email subscription.

3 Responses to Why this blog?

  • Samyak Jaya says:

    you are absolutely right. i ditto those feelings.

  • Lisa Kramer says:


    I just stopped by to welcome you to my blog, and I have to say I love the idea of this blog. I will definitely return. I am, however, a little slow on the blogging right now as I have been battling an evil cold and other issues. So just know that I am reading even if I’m not commenting alway.s

    Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

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