Why this Blog?

    “Born out of Boredom” was the original name I had thought for this blog.  Interestingly, the domain name was also available for registration (and I believe, it still is) but it would not have justified the real reason behind this blog.   The objective is  to share my thoughts with likeminded people and provide the readers an opportunity to share their ideas.

    For the last 11 years, I am away from home.  Have met people from all over the world and would love to keep doing that.   I am a miserable trader.  I cann´t sell anything to you but I am good at barter.  So let´s exchange what we have got to offer to each other.

    I hope this blog evolves into a public space where kindred spirits get together and share beautiful ideas, thoughts and accounts of their journeys – like a real tavern.

    So, spend some time here to look around, flip through posts and if you like it here, move in.

    The idea is to spread the word and see how my from the tribe show up.

    Peace to you.

    Samyak Jaya

    You´ve been here before! Thank you for returning to the Tavern.
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3 Responses to Why this Blog?

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  2. Samyak Jaya says:

    You are bang on right Sanne. It is a Spanish window. Somewhere between Pamplona and Burgos on Camino de Santiago. I have been there twice. BTW, loved both your stills and video (the clip for climate cup.)
    keep it up.

  3. reigna says:

    Yes it’s a Spanish window indeed during old times but still present. It’s kinda funny though because they have big and concrete walls but they have tiny windows.

    sell my house quick

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