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Welcome to my blog – my tiny little footprint on the blogosphere.

I am a keen traveler, a mediocre photographer and an unknown writer/poet.  I have travelled extensively as my work takes me all over the world.  Right now, I am in Spain Bamako, Mali (West Africa).

Although I consider myself a spiritual person and I believe in meditation more than in any other form of worship, my beliefs are strictly secular and apolitical.

I am not selling anything here.  You will not find any self-improvement guidebooks or a magic formula to find happiness here.  It is just an experience-sharing exercise – to share what I have lived and learnt and to learn from yours.

Hope you enjoy while you are here.  To keep the love flowing, you may leave a comment or a sign (just a hint, I decipher comments better!).

Samyak Jaya

You´ve been here before! Thank you for returning to the Tavern.

12 Responses to My About Page

  1. Sanne Kurz says:

    Not often I come across such a clean cut, lovely, refreshing and as efficient as straight forward About page… makes me wanna read more.
    I like.

  2. Marya Writes says:

    A bit curious about something, have you done all the photography yourself? I absolutely love your header, as well as other photos in your posts. I would not call it ‘mediocre’ – you are being too modest. These are stunning!

  • Samyak Jaya says:

    thanks a lot marya and welcome. yes. these are my pictures but I am not in the least to be credited for them. chanced encounters, that´s all these images are.

    hope you like it here. stay.


  • bookjunkie says:

    Loving your about page and so glad to arrive here.

  • Samyak Jaya says:

    a warm welcome and thank you, book junkie.

  • I didn’t do an about page, but except for the keen traveler I could basically copy yours. I put on my twitter thing which I always forget about that I’m not selling anything. I’m just so tired of the whole selling world, even though I was once a part of it. Still one has to live in the world, and I basically live off of the kindness of my husband, and he is a very kind man.

  • SamyakJaya says:


    Welcome to the Tavern!

    This was the basic idea behind my blog – to gather kindred spirits together and see where the discussion takes us. I knew among all the visitors to this blog, only those will stay who can relate to this “About Me” page.

    It is because of the sell, sell, sell attitude of blogs that I had to stress it at great lengths that this blog is my home, not my shop. If I had come here to sell, why I would escape my workplace? Somewhere else on this blog, I wrote, I am a miserable trader (or a salesman) but I am good at barter. I believe it all went wrong when we moved from barter to trade – but that is for some other day.

    I am glad you came. Stay.


  • Savvy Sister says:

    I am very excited to browse around your site! It seems very comfortable here!

  • The Mindset says:

    Your blog’s header is just awesome!

    Loved your blog.
    I think you are modest when you say your photography is mediocre-it’s cool, it’s awesome.

  • Samyak says:

    @Savvy Sister:
    a warm welcome to you and ¡un saludo a su esposo!


  • Samyak says:

    @ Mindset
    thanks a lot for your kind words. i know nothing about photography. these images are nothing but chanced encounters.

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